Martha’s Welsh Corgi Puppies

Latoya – Sep 11, 2020

Victim Location 42452

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My mother paid a $300 for a deposit for a Corgi puppy. She had somehow come across their site and contacted them for info. She conversed with them online and made a deposit for the puppy to be on "hold" for her. She lives in Kentucky and this dog was supposedly in Georgia. I told her I would go and pick up the dog for her tomorrow and contacted the phone number on the website. There was no voicemail set up for it. A short time later I received a text from them. I told them I would make the trip down for pickup and they were pushing that the dog be shipped/flown through an animal service. They gave me an address and stressed that they thought it would be better for the dog to be shipped and not picked up. There was also an additional cost of $150 to ship the dog. Obviously, this did not sit well with me and seemed odd so I suggested that I would either pick up or they would reimburse my mom. I figured this would also help me know if this was a scam. They never responded back this evening and they only responded with me through text. I search online and you cannot find their site through a regular Google search. They even offer a discount if people pay in Bitcoin. There was a site with a similar picture that was exposed as a scam back in January. That picture came up when I did a Google Image search.

One other thing to add was about her initial payment. She paid $300 through PayPal and they told her they did not receive her payment. This should have been a caution light but my mom sent them proof of payment. They were still telling her they did not receive payment. I did not know all of this part until after I reached out to them. Thankfully, she never sent additional money.

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