Mars Malibobtech Technologies Inc. Reviews - Mars Malibobtech Technologies Inc. Scam or Legit

Sophia –

Victim Location 11358

Total money lost $1,994

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job that was posted on The company name is Mars Malibobtech Technologies INC. The position was "Veteran Data Entry Officer" and they were specifically looking for a military veteran for this position. I was contacted the next day via email. Then I was contacted via text. The HR rep introduced himself/herself as Mike Dickson and explained the job position, the responsibilities and the pay. Then I was asked if I have yahoo messenger or google mail hangouts. I got the google hangouts app and the rest of the "interview" took place there with someone named Jackson Dickson. The name on Google hangouts is "Interview Desk." I ended up being hired for the position. I was told to give my name and address so a check could be sent to me to buy the materials I would need for the position. I complied and the very next day I received a check through USPS. I was told to deposit the check through ATM at my bank. Then I was told the check will clear tomorrow and that if I could use my own money to start buying the materials I would need for the job to start working asap. I withdrew money and was told to go to a money gram/western union to send money to a vendor. On the way to the money gram I get into an accident, getting rear-ended having the whole rear of my car destroyed. Being an [censored] and desperate for this job I proceeded to the money gram after the officers let me go from the scene of the accident. I sent $1000 to someone named Olinloye Bola Roda in Nigeria. And then I sent $800 to the same person. And then $150 to a Kiara Combs in Brooklyn, New York. I was told to make the rest of the payments to vendors once the money from the check is available the next morning. The next morning around 8:00am I saw that the money was in my account. I was told to proceed to a money gram/western union to send money with my card. I could not find a store that accepted card so then I was told to take out $700 from the ATM. I went to my bank ATM and I could not withdraw the money because the check was put on hold. I contacted my bank and they told me the they could not verify where the check was from and that it will most likely be returned. I began to ask questions asking to prove the legitimacy of the company. He supplied me with nothing of value. And then he started telling me the "truth" saying he made a mistake and that he did not want his superiors to find out so he would not be fired. He began to ask if I have a printer and scanner for a dispatcher position to print payroll checks and to send them out via USPS. I asked why the position and pay has changed and he could not give me a good answer. He told me he would personally refund me and that I would need to start working right away so that the company would not notice something is wrong. I told him I would not start working until I received my money. I asked for the number and name of a supervisor or manager so I could tell them I would not be able to start working on that Monday for personal reasons until Thursday because he told me he will refund me via money gram on Wednesday. He refused to give me the name and number of a supervisor/manager and told me he would work it out until Thursday. I doubt I will be seeing any money. I am a fool and I hope this will help prevent others from making the same mistake I have.

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