MarrY puppins-English

Eric –

Victim Location 24127

Total money lost $580

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I had been speaking quite frequently over the past almost 2 weeks with th is *** *** regarding a English Bulldog puppy they had for sale. They told me with shipping and all it would be 580.00 so I sent a moneygram for the dog. Once they received they would get me all the info to be able to send the dog and I would receive today. I them got an email from this "boarding kennel pet carrier" company that supposedly had the bulldog puppy and in order for them to send him. I needed to give them an insurance amount of 1285.00 do they could ship the dog. I obviously don’t have the money so I messaged the seller back and was explainIng everything. They claimed it was all refundable and it started to not make sense. I asked for my money back and they tried to tell me that if I didn’t pay this amount I would be reported for animal.abuse. 1 I wouldon’t never abuse an animal but when I finally got the number of them and we were talking by phone they started to tell me that thEir sister could come up withe a partial amount if I could come up with some. I again told them no I couldn’t. I wanted my money back. Now they refuse to answer my calls or emails. I highly suggest anyone to stay far away from this company.

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