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Evan – Sep 08, 2020

Victim Location 48187

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Used to be a mystery shopper years ago. Saw an email offering mystery shopping jobs. So i filled out online application. Received letter in mail (priority letter), with xeroxed copy of letter and $1400 check, asking me to start first mystery shopping assignment. Was told to shop for $1000 worth of EBAY gift cards within 24hrs of check deposit. (I was suspisious, but I was dumb.) I keep $400. Once received cards, send a photo copy of cards to text number provided and scratch off back of card. Also answer mystery shopping questions.

After assignment was submitted, received another text asking me to buy $400 worth of ebay cards. Manager request: So, I wrote back and said, "No, not until check clears." Told them I did not trust them and they sent an email from so called MANAGER ANDREW BECK asking me to get $400 worth of ebay cards. I refused.

I called my bank to find out check was fraudulant.

Brandi –

Victim Location 70129

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This person, business, or organigation constantly text me about Depositing the Check that was sent to me. I am unable to upload the pages that I have copy to this Web page. But I can send it by mail if I need to. I can also produce all of the Emails that I am still receiving from this person.

Kelsey –

Victim Location 78418

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a cashier’s check from Frost Bank and they wanted me to deposit it into my bank account, then buy some bestbuy gift cards, scratch the back and email them, not use them and report how I was treated at Walgreens. I went to my Bank and ask them if the cashier’s check was real. THEY SAID IT IS A "SCAM", they can clean my bank account. I did not follow up with the scam, I did not deposit the cashier’s check. I was not the victim of the SCAM.

Carl –

Victim Location 37421

Type of a scam Other

Responded to a pop up for secret shopper for Walgreens about 1 week ago.

It asked for my address and I also received an email.

Today in the mail I received in a priority makl envelope a cashier’s check for $2900 but the printed amount was for $ 1900 dollars along with a 1 pager from Marketforce Information detailing all the information that I needed to do.

It says that I need to go into any walgreens, cvs, kroger, bestbuy, apple store, cvs and purchase 2500 dollars worth of e-bay gift cards. I’m supposed to deduct 300 dollars for the assignment and an additional 100 dollars will be added as a bonus.

There is a number just for text messaging and 2 seperate email address.

4086147624. [email protected] & [email protected]

Taylor –

Victim Location 06770

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I signed up to be a Mystery Shopper for them, was sent my first "Commission Check", and assignment instructions. It came in a postal envelope with a return address I didn’t recognize. The letter was from them with a different address than the one on the envelope. A Postal Money Order was inside that just didn’t feel right. The Postal Money Order was for $1,000. The instructions said I was to deposit it into my bank account for 1 day, then cash the whole thing out, keeping $150 as my first payment and use the other $850 to purchase from the assigned store. I also needed to text 2 numbers (I deleted them off my cell) to let them know when I had completed this. I dragged my feet, did research on the money order, and all looked legit… I still just wasn’t sure. The day I finally decided to do the instructions, I stopped into my local post office first… GLAD I DID! The money order was FAKE. Everything looked right… except the security ribbon DID NOT illuminate under the security check light. I turned over the "money order", letter, and envelope over to the post office for the postal inspectors. I really needed this side job as I have been trying to find extra money to give to my terminally ill mother in her final days battling Cancer, just so she can do with it as she wishes. It wasn’t going to be a lot… but a little extra for her.

~Devoted Son~

Jessie –

Victim Location 19380

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was solicited by email to be a secret shopper and they sent me a cashier’s check from TD bank for $1,900 ($300 for myself to keep, $1600 to buy the google play giftcards). I was asked to type a review of my experience and answer questions they requested in the directions provided, and then scratch off the back of the giftcards to reveal the pin code and the giftcard number and take a picture and send the pictures of the gift cards to the emails provided.

Margaret –

Victim Location 72801

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was contacted via my school email address from another school email, I don’t know how they got this, about a job offer for a "secret shopper." I applied and was then sent a $1000 money order that I was told to deposit, and keep $150 of it for me and spend the other 850 at the designated store. I was then supposed to text them and they would give me the info for the job and what to buy. I was also told to buy an itunes gift card and send the code to "verify" my identity to qualify for a $200 bonus. I realized there was no way this was real so did some research and sure enough its a well known scam.

Alejandro –

Victim Location 22302

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

received certified mail with cashier’s check inside for $1957.00 from First Citizens Bank of Raleigh, North Carolina

letter is from Fred stating I need to send him an email or call 216-352-415. Tells me to check my spam mail for an email with instructions for instructions on what to do for my first assignment. The letter is signed Fred Barrs. The cashier’s check has Fred Rivera. I still have the letter and the cashier check if you need to see them.

Ashlee –

Victim Location 75038

Type of a scam Employment

I received a 2 day priority mail envelope when I was retrieving my mail from the office of my place.

I thought it was just my check from my first job because they had maybe lost my personal direct deposit form that I emailed to them a week prior to receiving the giant USPS envelope.

When we opened it, my husband and I, saw a ‘business letterhead’ that has in the top left corner spelling out the words market-force information LLC. I remember this woman, Tina Ann Dorsey, who contacted me on my email asking me to apply for a job with them to be a secret shopper, In this letter, it also included a Cashier’s Check for the amount of $1955.00. The first time I was asked to go to Walmart to fill out the questions for the A) Effectiveness, B) Efficiency, & C) The Quality of the Customer Services rendered by that store. I was asked to send an 1) email to [email protected] I never received what to put in the email to this peter guy. 2). I had to deposit that cashier’s check I received while sending a text to the number (281)783-8430. 3) I had to look for an email stating my ‘task’ or assignment before I had this check. I finally found it. I have a pretty keen eye on telling when something just isn’t right about it or not. I was the companies potential Agent so I had to do everything just right. I had assigned establishments and evaluate the following: A) Effectiveness, B) Efficiency, & C) The Quality of the Customer Services rendered by that store.Then send by Walmart2Walmart to another Agent the amount from the check of $1450.00. I had a compensation amount of $500 that I was able to keep for myself. I wish this had been a real thing only because my husband and I are having a very hard time with getting by and that extra few dollars would have made a BIG helping hand in getting us food. We have nothing to eat right now. So thanks a whole lot scammers!!!

Scott –

Victim Location 63129

Type of a scam Employment

This company sent me a check for $1984.00 to be a secret shopper. I was to take $300 out of the check for my "salary." The rest of the money was to be used for financial transactions at the stores that I would be shopping. I was to call them as soon as I deposited the money into my account.

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