Mark Wiley Reviews - Mark Wiley Scam or Legit

Allen –

Victim Location 95240

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

A fake ad was placed for an administrative assitant for a local company. I was contacted through my indeed messaging where I was told I was hired to complete a job, but would not have an interview until the gentleman, Mr. Mark Wiley, returned from his trip in Canada. He wanted my personal information, gave me wage information, and job information. My first red flag was that his email was personal, not associated with the local company. I asked questions about his business in Canada, but he never replied. I tracked the IP address he was emailing from and found it was from IL, not Stockton, CA nor Canada. I contacted the local company who was aware the ad was fradulent and apologized for the inconvenience. A Priority Mail package arrived at my home yesterday with the return sender identified as DDS, LLC, 75 Arlington, St, Boston, MA 02116-3936. Inside of this priority mail 3-day package, was a check from Brown & Joseph, One Pierce Place, Suite 1225, W. Itasca, IL 60143 for $3680.00. The instruction is for me to cash this check and inform them when the amount is available. Local PD have been notified, Bank is being contacted, Check was not deposited, and local company notified.

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