Mark-up Validation Service

Amber –

Victim Location 86403

Total money lost $1,150

Type of a scam Tech Support

The consumer could not gain access to his g-mail account he looked up the phone number and attempted to contact google. He looked up this website:, followed the prompts and found a number to call. It appears when he called the number 855-496-8999 he spoke with a Christopher Parker who sent him to this website:, on this website it displayed 21 errors and 2 hacks on his account. The caller prompted the gentlemen to purchase Google Play cards to pay to have his Gmail account restored and access to his account again. The gentlemen have purchased and gave the numbers off the backs of these cards in the amount of 1150.00. When these people asked the gentlemen to go to his bank and ask for an overdraft because he did not have any more money. The bank caught on to what was happening and gave the gentlemen the correct Google phone number and sent him to to file a report.

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