Mark Joshua and/or Tony Reviews - Mark Joshua and/or Tony Scam or Legit

Kurt –

Victim Location 34983

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I offered a car battery for sale on Craigslist. ‘Tony’ contacted me via text saying he wanted it. He said he was moving away from my area, would send me a check and his mover would pick the battery up. ‘Tony’ would include some money in the check for his mover. I said that sounded strange. Nothing to worry about he replied.

The check did not come when he said. He said he had written the wrong address and resent it via USPS priority mail. Still didn’t arrive. Told him, still via text the deal was off. He urged me to give a chance ‘the check will be there Monday’ I said too late. An envelope did arrive on Monday the 24 of June have

not opened it.

He then texted that the check is his paycheck with my name on it ‘ deposit it? Take $150 for your troubles and send me the reat’ I said No it’s over and I will shred the envelope!”

I still have the envelope and the text thread if you want it to investigate

Btw he was always very urgent when texting to see if I got the text message.

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