Mark German Shepherds

Elizabeth – Dec 01, 2020

I also lost $800 to markgermanshephard! This site is nothing but a scam! They will tell you that any of the puppies listed are available but I wonder now if they have any of the puppies listed! They try to get as much money from you that they can, then when you finally realize it’s a scam, you can’t reach any one at all! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

Marissa – Dec 01, 2020

I sent Mark $800.00 for a puppy named Bear! Needless to say he took our money but never sent the puppy! To this day nothing has been done! He is nothing but a scam! Do not send him any money! It would not surprise me if he didn’t have any puppies!

Samantha – Jul 31, 2020

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

I was able to catch this scam at the very last moment. At the point of information they wanted me to put in for payment. They wanted me to transfer money into a personal email. When i have been communicating for 3 days thru there business. I asked four or 5 times for someone to contact me by phone. They completely ignored me asking. Not until i told them i found out about what they were doing. Thats when they told me they tried to call me and cant get thru. They then told me they have had a issue with people hacking into there business and stealing personal information.

Joel – Jul 07, 2020

sent them money for a white german shepherd and they never delivered it. Fake website please help in removal of this website for good. Is there anyone out there who can help. After saying it’s in route someone will call you and ask you for a $850 for an air condition crate. They sound Indian over the phone. Legit scam.

Jaclyn – Jun 04, 2020

Got money no puppy plz remove them from able to collect they are out of Cameroon it’s a scam they will take your money for pet then to transport then say insurance then say quarantine
Plz allow this no more

Christie – Jun 02, 2020

Bad personal SCAMMING hard working Americans out of our money
Never got puppy but got my money. They will tell you it’s on it’s way then say it needs a special crate then call you and say pet insurance then say quarantined because you didn’t pick it up. Never hand over money unless you see puppy and you hand over money and puppy gets handed to you

Alana – Jun 02, 2020

Got scammed out of 1200.00 there is no puppy. They will tell you it’s on next plane then say it needs a special kennel then insurance then to quarantine bad person DO NOT USE unless you want to get scammed

Then they will want you to keep sending Money I suggest nobody ask to have a puppy shipped they are all in another country and once they get your money they are gone but I will get them but for now plzzz nobody else get scammed

Shaun – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 10928

Total money lost $1,569

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I lost my german shepherd to cancer and was looking for a german shepherd puppy. I found this website, Mark German Sherpherds, online and found the cutest puppy. I sent them a message through their website and they said the puppy was available. I told them I wanted to purchase the puppy and they told me as soon as I paid them through Google Pay they would ship the puppy out to me. I never received the puppy. The "shipper" was also a scam, Pet Express United Service". They told me the puppy needed an air conditioned crate for the flight which cost me an extra $780.

Wesley – Aug 06, 2020

My case is very similar to you: : I recently lost my beloved 6 years old white German shepherd dog who died at a vet place where she was boarding while I was traveling out of state; No words can describe my pain, so I was looking for a puppy at the internet and found this web site:; this [email protected] replied me with the puppy pictures and two videos, this puppy resembles my dog a lot, and he said they will ship me the puppy if I submit the payments $600, and they have airline promotion deal with ONLY $80 for the air flight carrier, if 3 puppies, they will get free for shipping, ; SO I did send him $600, and I was told that I will receive more info. regarding shipping & delivery, then someone did send me 3 emails and a phone call asking for another $950 for AC create, this is when I realized that this s a spam; I was in pain losing my Zoey, and suffering from the painful loss of Zoey; They will just continue to rob people like me and you, what can we do to prevent this from happening to other people? How can this website be deactivated so that they won’t be able to scam other people ?

Christie – Aug 06, 2020

I just lost my $600 yesterday to MarkGermanshepherds, I wish I see your claimed scam earlier, I Zelle paid them yesterday, they told me the same thing that they will have a shipping/carrier to contact me about the shipping info. , which this company called Standard Logistic Service did contact me and asked my for more money $950, they requested the same way to pay hem by ZEllE, cashapp or western union, this is when I realized this must be a cheating scam

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