Marilyn Cote

Andrew –

Victim Location 70113

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I went with this suppossed health care professional, named marilin cote, in which she promised a cure for my illness. But I only received insults from her part I attended around 11 sessions and there was no progress, the woman is very insulting and foul mouthed person, who usually invents diagnosics in order to get money from you. She came up to me with the diagnostic in which she declared that I was about to commit suicide and I had 15 days to live, and told me that I was about to fall in bipolar schizophrenia II (all this in Order to get money from me, which she actually managed to) .

So I ended up loosing about 1200$ USD, and my peace of mind, she´s a very manipulative person and is especially great at breaking you down.

The reason I want to point her business as a scam is the reason why I ended up with her on the first place, her marketing is a whole scam: I’ll describe the following points:

-She claims to be French Italian (she just looks plain mexican)

-She claims to have graduated from the University of Oslo (there´s no evidence to back this up)

-She claims to have a clinic in San Diego,CA (there´s no address provided, and the phone provided is out of service, theres no website for this clinic, and if you take a look closer to her web site the supposed clinic is a photoshopped image, as well as her supposed employees (they are all cut ups with random names photoshopped)

-She Claims to have written books about suicide (as seen on Marylin Cotes Facebook ) but those books have no ISSBN number, a publisher, or availability such as a amazon ebay etc.. I got there for suicidal tendencies Yet she never recommended her book because it doesnt exist.

-She claims to be Fluent in Spanish, English, Norwegan, Italian, German and French. She can barely communicate in english with a very thick mexican accent, she can´t speak italian nor french, (I am fully multilingual so I could assess this personally) . So she only speaks fluent spanish with a mexican accent

-She claims to appear on Forbes (yet there are no articles related to this) she uses the logos in order to lure clients

-She Claims to give interviews for NBC San Diego (No related links to this) she uses the logos in order to lure clients

-She claims to have won the best psychologist award in the Netherlands (no evidence to back this up)

-She claims to have a clinic in Canada (she photoshopped herself in combat plane with the logo of the government of Canada to lure clients

-She claims to be a CSI level 3 for the San Diego PD (yet she can barely speak English

Theres so much to list that makes no Sense and it´s all made to lure clients using the logos of Important European and Northamerican Colleges and brands, that´s where the scam is.

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