Maria Jupiter

Cassandra – Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 69145

Type of a scam Charity

Lauren Cox is the name on her Hangouts. I never did ask for her email, and he never sent me here phone number or address. We started talking and she had me believing she was model Maria Laurie Jupiter who is a Suicide Go model. I told her I had no problem with the work she does. We have been talking for a while about a month now. She had me log out of Instagram for privacy reasons. The real model lives in Australia and this version is based out of Florida.

I’m suppose to take some money she sends me which was supposed to be in a debit card. The she has sent me a message saying a ch CK was showing up and Im supposed to cash it buy Bitcoin then send the Bitcoin to her Charity she will wen me the address to. It sounds way too phishy to me but she did get some personal information from me like dob, name, address but I’m too worried cause I have such poor credit I can’t get a loan. The check is supposed to be in the thousands but I have to bank account so I cannot cash such a check but she say to figure out a way.

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