Margarita Vendina

Troy – Nov 06, 2020

Tatiana Shagova also stole my money…promised to have my puppy here no later than October 31,2020 and she knew this was a deadline date for me, puppy had to arrive on or before that date. I sent her full payment August 27th and should have been suspicious about that because in the past she derived puppies for me and always asked for the money upon receiving the puppy in person. I was in touch with her the last week of October where everyday she reassured me not to worry that puppy would be there on time. It never happened. She never sent flight confirmation as promised and then ignored me, went silent. She did the same to a friend of mine…took 3300 euros from her and never delivered puppies or refunded any money…Monster!

Derek – Nov 06, 2020

I was also scammed of my money from Tatiana Shagova…had my money for over 2 months and promised delivery by October 31st which she knew was the absolute deadline for me to get my puppy due to moving and not being able to cross border. She promised everyday in that last week she was sending flight information and not to to worry she would be there and never was…went quite on me. She also stole from my friend same thing…took 3300 euros from her and did not ever pick up the puppies or return the money. Horrible person!

Mary – Nov 06, 2020

Today is November 5/2020.
Tatiana SHAGOVA took my money and never deliver my dog.
She is scammer and big fraud.
Please don’t trust her , I never had a such miserable people in my life as her and her company Yuri NASONOV , Prudko Andrey .
I found a lot of people who paid her and no pets!
My name is EKATERINA. 541.786.9062 TEXT for proof Never ever have any deal with her.
Please beware her !

Alicia – Aug 06, 2020

Margarita Vendina is a professional scammer.
One might think everything looks legit but everything is a fraud including facbook feed, websites, dog photos, Friends on facebook, etc.

Kara –

This a picture about she have this dog! So, In fact-u can se who is correct and who is lier!

Ross –

It’s a not truth! This woman is lied! Dog was delivered very good condition and healthy! She have sick head! In since 7 years of delivery nobody can’t say that me is scammer! All dogs was delivered to families! She should come to doctor due she is a Aztec she blocked breeder when breeder asked her about this review!

Charlotte –

I’m Margarita Vendina, breeder WINCASTLE pug.
I worked with this courier for about 3 years and had no problems. This time the courier did not deliver on the promised date, but she was always in touch. She had problems and therefore delivery was made on the morning of October 5th. I have photos confirming the fact of delivery. No one is insured by force majeure. Sometimes circumstances make a difference. It was right to write not only the beginning, but also the ending of this story.

Patrick –

Victim Location 67002

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

In September 2019, I contacted a pug breeder named Margarita Vendina. She owns WinCastle pug kennel in Russia. She breeds only black pugs. I paid for the puppy and delivery by hand ( courier named Tatyana/Tatiana Shagova, also a scammer! ). The puppy was supposed to be delivered by hand on Septermber 26, 2019 to my local area of Kansas. The day of delivery arrives and I ask for an update. I was told the couriers flight was delayed by 10 hours due to a death on her flight which had to make an emergency landing in Iceland. Today is now October 4th, 2019 and i still do not have the puppy! I have kept in contact by FB messenger every single day to the breeder and the courier. The breeder pretends to feel bad for me and even told me that she would refund my full payment today since no puppy has been delivered. During this entire week ordeal of me asking and waiting, there have been promises by the courier that were NEVER made! The courier said she would refund me the transport money I paid in full by western union. That never happened! There have been three (3) facebook profiles included in this scam! Margarita Vendina, Tatiana Shagova ( who’s facebook profile claims to be a male), Tatyana Shagova ( Russian version of this name with a picture of a lady ) and her so called partner/husband that i have had NO contact with named ( Aleksey Shagov).

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