Margaret Roberts Reviews - Margaret Roberts Scam or Legit

Carla –

Victim Location 91606

Type of a scam Employment

A woman named Margaret Roberts from "Shadow Shopper" emailed me and said that I was chosen to do a wal-mart secret shopping job and Moneygram. She explained that she would send me a check for 3,250.00, I would keep $250, use $50 for Wal-Mart shopping and send the rest to the person she tells me to send it to so they can do "research" on the cost of funds for transfer. I thought, "Hey, maybe this is legit!" But of course, before proceeding I ALWAYS do my research! The check came via FedEx and on the top left corner was a company name. I figured I would talk to THAT company and make sure they actually issued this check because if they didn’t, I would cash it, send money to someone else, and eventually the check would just bounce, leaving me in the hole. Turns out just as I suspected, the company had NOTHING to do with the check, told me to void it and rip it up and that this has been happening to them quite often. I still have the check and I plan on giving it to the police along with the womans info (which im sure always changes since it’s probably a temporary identity) HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE!

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