MAR Healthstore Reviews - MAR Healthstore Scam or Legit

Tracy –

Victim Location 16335

Total money lost $184.40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Did a trial of Ombia derma Skincare and Renewed Eye Gel for $4.95. Had a 14 day free trial. Received the product and tried it for 14 days and then called to cancel. Was told no problem. Eric did offer me a 50% discount if I chose to continue with the program. He never mentioned that I would be charged anything. The same day, my checking acct charged $94.57 for a place called ASM Refreshskin in Nevada, phone # 844-418-1699 and $89.47 for a company called MAR Healthstore 855-215-6662 also in NV for two separate transactions. Called the company again spoke to 3 different customer service reps Bree, Daniel and Samantha) who refused to give me a supervisor although Daniel stated he was one when I requested one.. Said I had 14 days from the day I ordered the trial, not 14 days for the trial but odd they waited to charge me on the day I cancelled. The numbers are toll free and I could not trace them and I could not find any information about either company on the internet. They kept telling me the calls were being recorded which was fine with me as I kept requesting a supervisor and they kept telling me there either wasn’t one or they were unavailable. All 3 reps ended up disconnecting when I repeatedly requested to be transferred to a supervisor.

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