Tasha – Jan 29, 2021

unfortunately i´ll be scam too for this online shop and they´ll do the same process… i wonder where to report it to stop it… is there any cyber police or something to catch them? i leave here the email address where i contact with them if this helps …

[email protected]

Christina – Sep 09, 2020

Similar for my wife, she bought 2 of the chairs received nothing. Though, contacted them and they claimed to have shipped the items. Been 4 months nothing received

Karl – Aug 31, 2020

Victim Location 53717

Total money lost $26

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I would like to report a fake merchant who claims to sell Ergonomic Backrest And Seat Height Adjustment Backrest Rotatable Computer Chair.

Their website is

<span title="… />
I purchased the chair but one and a half months later, they sent me a piece of plastic (5" x 7") which I have no idea what it is. I contacted the seller and they told me that it was mistaken. I don’t understand how a big chair can be mistaken with a piece of plastic. They asked me to return the plastic piece of which shipping costs about $30 while the product cost was about $25. I kept asking for a full refund but they insisted on considering refund two months after they receive the plastic. I communicated so many times but the result was the same. I saw several posts reporting similar incidents. I think this is an intentional scam from China as they intentionally sent a garbage and then pretend that it is a mistake and ask back shipping of which costs more than a product price so that people give up. They continuously change their website name, too. Please prohibit this merchant from China.

I kept all the communication and receipts if you would like.

Thank you for your kind consideration. 

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