Mango USA

April – Jul 14, 2020

Victim Location 21113

Type of a scam Employment

I was laid off due to COVID 19 So I jumped at any opportunity that came to my inbox. My main industry is Finance/Accounting, but I do freelance graphic design as a hobby and was shocked to receive this “offer letter email” as a graphic designer for a major fast-fashion brand Mango. The first thing I found that was weird was they they said they say my portfolio somewhere but I don’t have a portfolio except my Instagram, which is linked to a different email.They offered me $45-60 an hour out the gate with full time benefits (health, dental). I was then told to download Telegram and I knew i was getting into a scam because I almost got in trouble with this when I was younger. I started chatting with the “hiring manager”. His responses were pretty mechanical with minor typos. He asked for my full name and address and why I’m good for the company and i thought that was weird so I just made sure to give them my city and state. After a few other questions I just cut it off there because I knew where it was going but please be careful out there! People are taking advantage of people’s fragility in a time like this..very evil!

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