Management Learning Laboratories

Miguel –

Victim Location 96732

Total money lost $399

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had a virus problem and phoned Microsoft Tech Support and they referred me to a second or third party tech support that would fix it. I would get a call a year or so later from this second party saying that they noticed a problem with my laptop and that he would like to have a look and would solve it, but first gave me a price $299, 399 or 499 for lifetime coverage and I accepted the $399 for 3 year coverage (foolish of me). 11 or 12 months later, a person called me again and said you may have a problem and would like have look on my laptop for a price just like the other time. Their names do not sound right…Nigerian or Indian but have called themselves with English names. They do not want to be paid with a check. They do not have an address to mail anyhow. Want paid only with credit card. So, then, my credit card was paid to Management Learning Laboratories… And yet, though, their computer service is called Tiana Services. Another thing, they gave me a number which I can call if I have troubles with my laptop. I asked them where are they located and they said they are in Skokie, ILL. I checked out the area code number (234) and happens to be Northfield, Ohio instead. That’s about it.

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