maltese mix

Nicolas –

Victim Location 94539

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have been looking for a multipoo so I was searching then I found one the color I have been looking for. beware when you want to buy puppies. I found the same picture of the same puppy and a different web site. told me I have to send thru western union he gave me 2 different names for pick up cause I didn’t do it first time he asked me family told me not to do it but i wanted to believe in him I tried calling him buy he never answered … then once he recvd the money $600.00 then he said the transportation told him i need to send $975.00 more but i would get the 900.00 back they will keep 75.00 the reason for this is he stated that the transportation told him he has the wrong carrier for flight hmmm should nt know that so then I woke up didn’t send and never heard after that i don’t see how people can do this to others money is hard to come and 600 is a big lost to me

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