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Dylan – Sep 17, 2020

This is a scam. We have sent the first payment as we tried to split payments in two. After we started to get emails/responses that were full of spelling errors and bad grammer, we started to get skeptical. After we asked for our first payment backs they just stopped responding. I’ve reported their domain and IP address to their hosting company, they are looking into the evidence now in order to shut them down.

I’m not seeing any mention of the website here, that would have been useful info! But, this is the website we got scammed at

Hopefully this can help someone not get scammed.

Justin – Sep 18, 2020

I was successfully able to report website abuse and have their hosting provider shut their website down..

Sean – Aug 27, 2020

Victim Location 28401

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am looking to purchase a Siamese cat. The website showed many different kittens. I asked about one and they said it was available. Sent pics and a video. Asked for my full name and address where the cat would be coming. So I have my information then asked for information about the kitten. They asked me to pay using an app that had no perfection on sales. I told them for $600 I prefer to use PayPal because it has Freud protection.

He told me he was a Christian and his religion wouldn’t allow him to scam people and ask he wanted was to find the kitten a good home. I told him I had a good home If he would just except the payment through a secure app. I just wasn’t going to pay without some guarantee.

He refused to except PayPal because he said that it talked to long to get paid. I told him if he was worried about timing of payment I’d drive down and pick up the kitten and pay then.

He came back and asked if I’d send half now (throughThe unsecured application) and the rest after I received the kitten.

Still doesn’t change the fact that the payment wasn’t secure.

Nicolas – Sep 16, 2020

Just ran into the site I’m actually looking for siamese as well the price was perfect but from the second email I received I started to think maybe there is a scam somewhere along the lines and I decided to research on reviews on them this is the first one that I clicked on. Thanks for the info!

Ramon – Sep 03, 2020

Did you get the cat?

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