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Logan – Mar 09, 2020

Victim Location 37160

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This person called my work phone and then my cell phone. Pretended to have a bill from a check cashing place that I needed to pay. Said I needed to pay today. Asked how much I could afford to pay. I panicked and gave them my checking account number. After I got home I looked on the web and found several complaints from this Tiffany McCord out of Georgia. Luckily my bank reversed the payment before they got their hands on the money. I did owe a debt but they did not have the account. Made me sick! They also use other names for their business. Very shady. Just want to warn people to never give your information over the phone unless you know the debtor is legit.

Veronica –

Victim Location 33619

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a voicemail, which I have saved, from the number posted. It stated that I and/or my retained attorney needs to respond back immediately regarding a debt currently active. I called the number back and was informed that I owe Kay Jewelers $1300.00 from an account back in 2008. I was informed that a settlement amount of $633.00 was to be made within 48 hours or legal action will be made by contacting my employer. I requested a validation of debt form be emailed to me. I was told that I would receive same within the next 15mins. 3 hours later I made a follow up call to this company. They said their name was One Fidelity at the address of 5700 Klondike Road, Conyers GA 30094. PH (404-948-5400). I was told that they work on behalf of South Carolina State Attorneys office. ( When I made the return call I requested a log of the "recorded" line and my attorney will be contacting their office. I was then hung up on. I called again and spoke with another associate who stated that my account was under cease and desist. I requested a document reflecting same but was told to have a nice day and hung up on. I called again and the same associate answered and threatened to file a compliant of harassment against me.

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