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Karen –

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Hello I came across this website looking to buy a bike light. I paid $250 dollars for it. 3 weeks later there was no product. I reported the issue to PayPal and to my visa. They did their investigation and it was a scam. I received a full refund. The guy responsible for the company is a guy by the name of Jimmy Fricker. PayPal transaction records specified that the payment was made to : [email protected] I attempted multiple times to contact the customer service department of the company at [email protected] and [email protected] and never received a reply. Finally through Facebook of Magicshine US was able to verify that allegedly this guy had gone under and was receiving orders and not delivering the products. This guy lists magicshinecanada as being owned and operated by fnftechgear. On the website there’s nothing but a email for contact. Which is never answered. The address in the invoice provide shows a address that does not exist.

I am filing a police report in the United States and in Canada regarding this transaction.

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