Magazine Publishers Service Reviews - Magazine Publishers Service Scam or Legit

Raymond –

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I recived a call about some magazines to sign up when i got the package in the mail i went true it and I TRIED to call and cancel but no one was picking up the thellphone i tried many times so i stopped making payments and now they are making phone calls and telling me if i don’t pay the balance and the remanning balance of the contract they are going and proceed whit a collection agency . I never went true with the selection of the magazines.


And they want me to pay $63.56 A MONTH FOR 3 YEARS

Barry –

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Thes people scammed me last year saying I was able to choose 5 magazines of my choice for 5 years and I only had to pay for 6 months because I had been paying my Visa card on time which they would not know as my bank would never reveal that to them. so I was able to be entered for a sweepstakes to receive such a thing and I was told I would be recorded to enter a contest not for contract purpose I found that out later. They told me to enter the draw I had to speak after them and i would be entered to win 200.000 and then recieve a diamond watch which i never received. Ones i agreed i knew i shouldn’t have and called back as soon as I knowticed a few days later they took out 62.43 of my card. I called and the refused to canceling saying that I was passed the 3 day marker which I was not informed of so I bit my toung and said well my own fault then so I stuck it out 4 months went by nothing in the mail so I called my cards and had them stop the payments. They had not sent me a contract stating these terms and they had not given me the proper information and lied to me. They told me that they had me on recording and that if I didn Pau the credit debt collector would be on my case. Not only did I speak to a lawyer about this I say other people experienced the same thing. The magazines that I did end up receiving months later where sent from my phone service as that was what they where using so they had proof incase I went after them. I sent it back saying I did not want these and never wanted them. These magazine companys have heard of these people and that they find it unfornit that things like this happen with these fake 3rd parties and how they take advantage of them. A lawyer told me they would not wreck my credit and that they would not be able to take me to a debt collector as they threatened to do so several times and spamming me with different phone numbers which is also illegal and called horrasment because they are not legitimate they would not he able to and a magazine company as I had spoke with several yo check this out they would not send someone after you they would just stop sending you the magazines. These people have nothing better to do and it is sick because so many people have fallen into this trap same thing with the elderly. I will for ever be ignoring there calls and will no longer be able to recieve a payment from me ever.

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