Mag 45 LLC Reviews - Mag 45 LLC Scam or Legit

Cassie –

Victim Location 43614

Total money lost $389.99

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Mag 45 LLC put a charge for $389.99 on a visa card for my cousin which I am her legal financial POA and when I called Mag45 LLC they said that they spoke to her on 8/26/16 and she ordered the magazines and that she gave them her Visa card number. Explained to them that she does not live at that residence at this time and that she does not have access to that phone number or her Visa card as I have all of her cards. They said that she must have access. Told them they were lying and that it is a fraud. Asked them to remove her credit card information and they stated that they don’t hold that information and I again told them that must be a lie as she did not give it to them on 8/26 because she doesn’t have the card. She doesn’t even get the magazines they said that she ordered as we get her mail everyday. Asked if it is a revolving renewal and they said no. They had charged her almost $700 last year on the same card…..HOW MANY MAGAZINES CAN THAT BE!!! They refused to return the money because they said it had been over 30 days…the statement from Visa had just come in the mail but they picked a date that made it more than 30 days so they can say that. They told me that I would have to talk to the credit card company to get it taken care of because there was nothing they could do and could to return the money!!! NOTHING BUT A FRAUD AND THEY WILL PICK UP THE PHONE AND ACT AS NICE AS PIE WHILE THEY LIE TO YOU.

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