Gina –

Victim Location 71055

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Facebook, there was a notice about Macy’s closing 68 stores and offering free samples of makeup to try to help online sales. I started to fill out for sample from "Macy’s" & did not feel secure with completion. I did not give credit card info. Then, I received a call from a lady that did not speak English well. I could barely understand and she wanted to complete my free offer. She does not know anything about Macy’s and pleaded with me that I had applied for this free trial. I repeated to her that I thought I was dealing with Macy’s and do not want the free trial. She had stated at the beginning that I would receive a two week free trial and that all I had to do is complete the payment for shipping. She said she would have someone else call that I could understand… NO. Looks like a scam to get card info. The number is "spoofed" 318 545-0196. Copied form & price even has changed from $109.95 value $4.95 shipping to $129.95 with $2.95 shipping just while I was completing this form.

Valerie –

Victim Location 60654

Type of a scam Phishing

Email received from "Macy’s" with subject line reading: Important: reset your Macy’s password. The content of the email stated my account had been locked and to click on a link to reset my password. I noticed the sender was Customer [email protected], the "oes" looked suspicious so I googled the actual Macy’s customer service address to determine if this was phishing (it is). I have received multiple emails like this in the past from Macy’s. The email looks extremely authentic, with the right logo, font and links on the bottom to Macy’s social media.

Hillary –

Victim Location 49072

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Recording says, "this is macys with important information about your account. Is this Jane xxxx". I said yes.

Then it says, "to confirm, what is your birth date?" I hung up.

I tweeted a message to Macy’s and they said it was not them.

Krystle –

Victim Location 92649

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I received a text message this morning supposedly from Macy’s purchase alerts at 624-42 at 5:03 am stating "Macy’s Purchase Alerts: Thanks for your order! We’ll text you when it’s ready to pick-up. Up to 3 msgs/order. Msg&DataRatesMayApply. Txt HELP=help Txt STOP=End."

I was asleep and did not notice until I received the second message as follows "Macy’s Purchase Alerts: Your Order # 1364017329 is ready for pickup at Macy’s Plaza at West Covina! Bring your email and gov’t issued photo ID."

I chose to search the 624-42 number on the internet and found the website address I placed in the appropriate field above. The website looked fine except when I scrolled down to find the phone number for purchase alert customer service and called. When the line was connected, the first thing I heard was something about as follows, "you’ve been selected to answer three questions and potentially receive a free Caribbean cruise". I did not want to answer the questions, nor did I think that macys would immediately offer such a thing without first appropriately representing themselves. Unfortunately, the questions were not an option, I could not bypass them so, I answered the questions before being told that I was to receive the free cruise granted a paid the nominal fees. Again, I was not interested and wanted to bypass this but the voice kept repeating how I won and would need to pay the fees. I just hung up after the second cycle around considering it was clear by this time that i wasn’t calling a real Macy’s number. One thing in addition I wish to mention is, I called the number again a few minutes later to see if I could talk to someone( I wanted to tell them how disgusting they are) but now the voice immediately said "were sorry but we aren’t accepting calls from your area."

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