MacMillan Publishers imposter

Erik – Jul 09, 2020

I was contacted off of a listing on upwork. I was invited to interview via skype because of the coronavirus. His name was Jeremy Diegues, or that’s what his skype name said.
He conducted a 30 minute interview and then I was told he was sending the information up to be reviewed. About 30 minutes later I was told I had gotten the job. Then he went over the details of the job and that I would need certain software and a Macbook in order to do the job. I was also sent an employment contract to sign. It didn’t look fake to me, but I had never been hired remotely before. It seemed a little odd that they would need me to own a Macbook specifically but I didn’t think much of it. I was asked if I had $500 to pay for that software and I said no. I was then sent a check via email that I was supposed to print and deposit through my mobile banking app. This didn’t work. They said they could direct deposit the money to me. I stupidly gave them my banking data. Yesterday, $5,800 dollars was deposited into my account which my bank flagged as fraudulent the next day because it came from the state of Arizona unemployment benefit. I do not live in Arizona. My bank then closed my account because they thought I was committing fraud or something. So, while I luckily didn’t lose any of my own money, it has cost me a ton of time and effort to try to resolve this with my bank. Jeremy Diegues continues to say he is not a fraud but has not and will not explain why this happened. I’m left to assume that this must be a scam. I don’t have any other explanation for this all.

Cory – Jul 14, 2020

The email address he used was [email protected]
The phone number he used was 706-607-9625, though that could easily be changed as I found out it was a text now number, which is an app you can use to generate a random number.

Leonard – May 26, 2020

I was contacted through upwork by a person pretending to be Jeremy Dieguez, who will ask for personal contact info at some point in the “interview” do not reach out to this person.

Darryl – Apr 16, 2020

Victim Location 23220

Type of a scam Employment

I applied to a position that was advertised on Upwork, which was seeking "copyeditors/editors/proofreaders". I was sent a verification code to do an interview on Google hangouts. The scammer was impersonating Jeremy Diéguez from MacMillan Publishing. He used the email address: [email protected] The person who initially contacted me on Upwork was Renne. They took the job down once I began interviewing. "Van Diéguez" conducted an extensive interview over Google Hangouts, and finally, said I would need supplies, including software and a printer and a Macbook. They sent me a fake check and asked how long it would take me to deposit this. They sent a fake contract as well. This is how he introduced himself: "I’m Mr Van Diéguez , one of the Directors of Macmillan Education. I will be the one to brief you about the project and the company. Kindly introduce yourself."

Antonio – May 30, 2020

Whoever you are, you are not alone. This also happened to me just today.

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