Macaw parrot eggs for sale

Brandy – Dec 03, 2020

I went to a website call exotic parrot to purchase a parrot egg the price for the egg is $45 and they say I can pay with credit card but since I heard about scams I text them that I could go pick it up and that when they stop responding for 2 days when I ask to sent me a video or video chat then I waited again for another 4 days with no response I got a little annoy and told them I won’t pay until they video chat to see if they had parrot eggs then the next day which is the fifth day I try to get on the website but it says the website is block I bet they block me out so be careful out there and always ask for video chat or to pickup and if they don’t respond then it’s a scam.

Caitlin – Nov 10, 2020

Thank God I read your reviews before I went to the checkout for the hyacinth macaw I wanted to buy. I figured something was wrong when I emailed them twice telling them I wanted to go out to the farm and pick out my own bird and bring the bird home with me in the car (since I would never ship a young parrot) and they never emailed me back. I also tried calling the telephone number on the website twice and got a message that the call could not go through. I feel doubly ashamed because I am a lawyer and I know this is no proper way to conduct business. I can only excuse myself somewhat because my green wing macaw died and I have been missing having a bird so much that I was turning a blind eye to what my head was telling me was SHADY practice.

Evan – Dec 01, 2020

Yeah I nearly got trick into paying with a credit card for a website call exotic parrot farm for a parrot egg thankfully I text them saying I will pick the eggs up then they stop texting me or answering me and I told them to video chat or sent me a video instead I wait 3 whole days and never got a video or video chat I started getting suspicious them when I try to get on the website it wouldn’t let me so please be careful out there .

Karen – Oct 26, 2020

I bought an African gray for my daughter’s birthday. I have nothing. No money no bird. They used fake carriers called Exotic Logistic. Tracking number is not traceable. I lost a lot of money 😭. And I don’t have a birthday gift.

Raymond – Oct 23, 2020

I purchased 2 baby birds. When I got the email for the payment, they wanted me to go through Bitcoin. I have never heard of this payment option before, but I went ahead and paid for the birds. I thought everything was good until I got a message later from the courier saying I needed to an insurance fee of $850 which is more then what I paid for the birds. I contacted the seller and asked why am I being told they need more money when the shipping fee is a flat rate of $20. He told me its do to the covid pandemic. When he said that I knew immediately I had been scammed because the pandemic has been going on for over half a year now. So I called the courier company and the guy on the phone was the same guy selling me the birds. I hung up and messaged the seller, I told him I wasn’t paying the insurance fee, he got very upset and told me he was going to inform the authorities and hopefully I didn’t get in trouble for pet abandonment. I didn’t reply because I know he was trying to bully me into paying. I have taken care of the money I already paid him through my bank. I learned my lesson, I would highly suggest to anyone looking to buy a bird online to do their research thoroughly. Best option in my opinion is get from a breeder you can physically see or go to a pet store.

Russell – Oct 11, 2020

I called their contact number and the only thing said to me was..”send an e-mail”, no hello no good bye..just that statement and then the person hung up..I wrote an e-mail to them today waiting to see what the response may be..planning on calling Georgia attorney general office to file a report..would urge others to do the curiosity was how they are selling hyacinth as well as black palm cockatoo eggs for $45..definately too good to be true..

Nathaniel – Oct 11, 2020

Just received a text from this company saying they sell parrots and parrot eggs..then told me to call..when I did I was treated the same way as before he called me back..only saying again they sell parrots and I told him I had read their reviews on line and they only request more money for a product they do not deliver and that I do believe they are only scammers and that tomorrow I will be contacting the Georgia attorney general office to file a report..he hung up..I urge anyone that may have ordered on good faith and was scammed to do the same..hopefully it will get the website down and perhaps help to get your money refunded. .good luck to everyone..thank you

Deanna – Sep 25, 2020

Me too I got ripped off on a site that was on google search company fraud [email protected]

purchased parrot on there website Then the company texted my cellphone and told me to download Cash app .and i did, then they sent me code for the final purchase. I did, after receive confirmation transaction..i call them right after. They egnore all my phone calls..

Vanessa – Aug 27, 2020

Victim Location 98367

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Other

I made contact looking for new therapy bird for my son after a loss. Their website looked very legit and they had great contact service but once the money was sent they stopped communication for a week before I made a threat of legal course and then they wanted more money for shipping even though it had already be previously understood.

Kimberly – Jul 10, 2020

They asked me to send a PayPal payment or Amazon gift card for $190.00. For the eggs I ordered. I sent amazon scarf to their email address and 5 times sent confirmation of payment requesting shipping info. The blocked my email and phone number and ripped me off.

Misty – Jun 11, 2020

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s address Atlanta, Ga

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Website

I made a purchase for one parrot egg for $45. I was then charged a flat rate of $20 for shipping. I was then ushered to Exotic Logistics, Inc. and asked to pay an additional $80 for insurance and $30 for an incubator. The transactions occurred on June 4, 2020 and everything was to be delivered on June 5, 2020. However, nothing has arrived and I’m getting no response to the several emails I’ve sent.

Eduardo – Jun 11, 2020

I placed an order on June 4, 2020, paid additional fees for insurance and an incubator (supposedly for shipping purposes) that I didn’t need, and have sent numerous emails to find out where my package is and NOTHING! The supposed shipping company, Exotic Logistics, Inc., hasn’t responded either.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Jacob –

Victim Location 30303

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I paid them online for pets but never received anything and no answer and they changed their number to.

Aaron –

Victim Location 48066

Total money lost $140

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I order 4 eggs on June 3 and have not received anything yet.

Willie –

Victim Location 48066

Total money lost $140

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I order 4 eggs on June 3 and have not received anything yet.

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