Macaw Birds Ranch

Kathryn – Jul 30, 2020

Victim Location 53158

Total money lost $1,490

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted the company to buy a macaw and he indicated they had a 6 month old female ready for adoption. The purchase price with delivery to Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee Wisconsin was $1,490. Their only form of payment was Cash App. I sent the money after a contract was complete. I was told the bird would arrive on Wednesday July 29th at 530. They indicated the bird was on the plane at 1:00 central. At 4:00 pm that day I received a phone call that the bird was in Minnesota at the Pet Control Center. I was told the bird needed a vaccine, a new cage, and I had to pay insurance. The additional amount due to release the bird was $1,625. I told them no way would I pay this. I contacted the seller and he said don’t worry he would take care of it. I demanded a refund to my account and he has not provided it. I checked their website last night and the same bird was still for sale. The birds name was Pat.had my daughter send a text to the seller late last night asking if the same bird was available for sale and he responded Pat was available for sale. I contacted him numerous times on the 31st and he said I could still have Pat for an additional $725 and I said no. I texted him at one point and he responded yes the kitten is still for sale so apparently he is doing this with other animals but they really do not have any animals. Bottom line is I have been scammed for $1,490 which I will not receive it back.

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