Mac Cleaner and Spring fast Premuin Techie support Reviews - Mac Cleaner and Spring fast Premuin Techie support Scam or Legit

Michael –

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Tech Support

An icon keep popping up on my computer stating that I had a virus and to install a free Mac Cleaner to fix it. when I went on the site it said that for a month would cost $14.95 I installed it and they said this would not fix the problem all the while letting on that they were a support group for Apple. Then they said to fi the problem I would need to install their Premuim Techie support package at a cost of $547.00 for a lifetime. After they started their download I said no and wanted to cancel everything and refund my money they just keep arguing with me and would not refund anything and wanted more money to do so. They said they had fixed my virus problem and that this was the cost. They did nothing. There was no virus to being with and the pop still shows up with the same virus report which is a way for them to get people to believe there is something wrong on their computer even using the Apple symbol . I reported this to Apple support and they said this is not a support company for Apple which Premuim tells you they are.

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