Kids Live Safe, LLC Reviews - Kids Live Safe, LLC Scam or Legit

Adriana –

Victim Location 92106

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I have been getting these emails in my inbox (not my SPAM folder) that say I am in danger, or my family is in danger because there is a sex offender in my area. The emails are anonymous, they do not say who they are from. There is no mention of the company’s name who is sending the emails. Some of the reply-to email addresses are: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and there are more…

I did not authorize them to send me emails.

The email prompts you to click on the link that sends you to this webiste:

So then you find out the Kids Live Safe is behind the emails. They must have hired a third party to illegally send emails out to people (not sure).

The website proudly displays their accreditation badge, which is why I am writing this report.

They are saying that I am in danger in order for me to do a search and pay them money to find out something that I can find out for free by going on the Megans law website.

This is definitely a scam, and they keep ending me emails that I do not authorize them to send me.

I attached a screen shot of one of the emails.

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