Kevin Cheatum Reviews - Kevin Cheatum Scam or Legit

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 67110

Type of a scam Phishing

I work at a local senior center and received a call from a gentleman with Aetna insurance and he wanted to come and set up a table and hand out brochures. He said if he could set up a table he could give our senior center some funding. He would need my email address, invoice from the city and a W-9 form. I asked why he would need that and he said he would need it for the donation. He never gave me his address or email address but if I could get the papers he could call back in an hour and tell me how much money Aetna could give me. He called back and said Aetna would give us $2,000. I asked where his office is located and he said they are doing this all over Sedgwick County. I told him that I couldn’t believe that they would be giving us money for no reason. He said if I don’t want the money he would come down and set up a table. I asked again where he was calling from and he would never tell me.

Today I received another call who said he was Mr. Cheatum’s partner and he just wanted to make sure that I knew that this was not a scam and that they were serious on giving us money. He told me that he needs to know by the end of the day if I wanted the money. I hung up and contacted my local office and police.

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