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My initial contact was with David Banks through legit entrepreneurships on Facebook. After he did a brief interview he told me I needed to to contact Ned Ruffin with kaleopharma and he would do the initial interview and make an offer if they decided to hire me. I contacted him through Hangouts and which he did an interview as such as it was, told me I was hired, had a lady send me a offer letter that I couldn’t open in my computer finally got that fixed then he turned me over to Ron Gunn. The offer letter was very legitimate sounding they offered me $20 an hour to do this work and I would have all the access to all the company benefits and they wanted two weeks notice of my resignation. After this was taken care of he said he needed my personal banking information routing and account number as well as my username and my password to my checking account. I told him I would not give him that information and ask him why he needed my password he said what he wanted to send me my start-up fees and he needed to be able to see that they were actually in the bank because it had people scamming before and claimed not to have received the funds. he said I could trust him that this was all legal and legitimate . I said well we can go through PayPal or we can go through a NetSpend card oh no we don’t use that method I said well I’m sorry I cannot give you that information. So after a few days I’m going back and forth with that he said I could just receive a check and I was to deposit the check and then I would be sending $3,000 of the 3274.00 I believe is what the check was to a vendor to pay for my office equipment that they would be sending me. In the meantime I had also contacted Kaleo Pharmaceuticals in Richmond Virginia, about this particular job when the HR lady call me back she said there weren’t any positions like mine available and that this was most likely a scam because it did happen to them before. I gave her the names Ned Ruffin and Ron Gunn and was told by her they were CEO’s that her company Kaleo but they did not work with hiring people from home to work. So I finally got the check in Monday January 29th 2018 on the morning of January 30th I called the bank that the cashier’s check was drawn on which was Mission Federal Credit Union in San Diego California. I explained to the lady that answered the phone what I needed and she asked me for the check number when I gave it to her she said it was a fraudulent check the name and the amount of the check or different from my name in my amount that I told her. She told me this was most probably a scam because this had been happening quite a lot through their banks.

So I hung up from talking to her and called my local ScamPulse.com. The lady I talked to after explaining the situation told me that it was a scam and even though I told her I’d like to be able to try and find them she said it would be impossible probably because they were in Nigeria or Jamaica. I’m very grateful that I called and checked on the check before I deposit it in my account and sent somebody else $3,000 which would have really been him anyway. I texted him back because he kept harassing me basically why I had not deposited the check, why I had not deposit the check because he wanted a copy of the deposit slip. so I texted him back and told him I would not be depositing the check because I had found out that it was fraudulent I found out that the whole thing that he been stringing me along since the January 7th was all fraudulent and that I not only contacted the bank that the check was drawn on but I had also contacted the ScamPulse.com as well as this company Kaleo Pharmaceuticals that he claimed to have worked for only he was using one of the CEOs names. Needless to say I did not get any more response or comments from him or Mr Ruffin. I went back to Facebook to contact Mr Banks again his account has been deleted.

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