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Christine – Apr 26, 2020

We have had the exact same experience happen to us, cracking and heaving, no contact, false address and phone number, no response. Should of taken licence plate and I D verication. Had all the equipment, were working in the area with a Company and scammed on the side. Paid a heafty bill for nothing, be awear.

Jenna – Apr 20, 2020

K Manning ltd paved my neighbors driveway late last year 2019 and the [censored] ran into my outside water tap and never said anything. I just noticed it

Alberto –

Type of a scam Home Improvement

K. Manning Ltd was in the Drayton Valley area and stopped at our residence to enquire if we would be interested in having some paving done. We showed interest and agreed to have asphalt applied to the front of our garage and one thing lead to another and a large amount of our driveway including motor home parking had asphalt applied. Less than two weeks after the asphalt was applied we noticed that one area of the driveway is heaving and breaking.

We were told that the thickness of the driveway would be the same as they put on highways. Asphalt thickness – Residential needs to be a minimum of 2” thick and are typically 3” (compacted). My concern is that parts of the driveway are barely 1” thick.

I sent multiple emails and never received a reply. I called the phone number numerous times and if they answered they indicated that they would be coming to fix it but never narrow down and actual day. Last I heard they would be here before end on October. No one showed up.

Their phone number is no longer in service. We drove to K. Manning’s address only to find they were operating out of a rental mail box at a U-Haul location (using U-Haul’s address)

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