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Jovial Cane Corso pups Reviews, Check Jovial Cane Corso pups Scam or Legit
Luis – Nov 05, 2020

They are scammers! They almost had me. I sent the money to them thru western union just like they wanted . They never returned my emails or phone calls. If it hadn’t been for western union I would have lost out on $930.00 Thank God for Western Union for sending me my money back. Could have been so much worse than just not getting my puppy. Don’t fall for this! I’m trying to avoid the next person having to go through what I just went through. I’m so heart broken 💔. Don’t let them break your heart too.

Nichole – Aug 26, 2020

My family and I were looking for a puppy to heal us after my dad was diagnosed with cancer and we found this company , at first we thought it was faith that we found such a loving dog for a cheap price , 700 for a cane corso is unheard of ! Well we found out it truly is unheard of . At first they said we could pick our puppy up in person than all of a sudden we had to have it shipped , we we’re told 900 total , we sent the money via Zelle, well minutes later we get a email from a company called TRANS-LIVE COURIER saying our dog has been processed but we had to pay 1490 for “life insurance “ but it would be refunded upon delivery , I found it weird for many reason , for starters you can’t talk to a live person it’s all emails & same with the courier company , coincidentally both are google acct than when I told them I felt it was a scam some guy with a thick accent calls and tries to tell me don’t believe what u hear it’s all just a lie from our competitors , well my gut told me it was a scam so I never sent the money . I emailed the sellers and told them I felt I was being scammed , they responded that they are a Christian family and would never scam people I asked them to call me and speak to me in person and hours later , still waiting. Well I have filed a police report and waiting for Zelle to investigate and see about getting a refund . Point of my story is don’t even waste your time and money , these people are not a legitimate or reputable company I believe firmly that they are one in the same company , Best part is when we asked the couriers to send a picture of the dog so we can Verify they sent us a pic the seller had already sent us lol! & then sent us a pic of some airport worker behind the desk , guess to try and fool us. We will get a puppy just not from these low lives . Hope these crooks end up in police custody and behind bars where they belong . I pray they don’t actually own any innocent dogs.

Edward – Jul 16, 2020

I was looking for a mastiff breed dog and stumbled upon Jovial Cane Corso.
At first it seemed like a legitimate business, but did find a lot of flaws and missing information. One of the flaws was that they never showed any of the parents and also didn’t provide a phone number, address, or even the “breeders” name him or herself .
Another thing is the price tag, if there is a mastiff type dog for only $700 that is a red flag itself, you might be able to find one for that but it will have health issues more than likely. One thing in finding a good and reputable breeder is that they would have deposits that you would need to put in and then wait in line. Another good thing to look for in a breeder is for them to have any form of social media, whether it be facebook, instagram, etc and on there they post a ton of pictures of their dogs and parents. I almost fell into this trap but my father helped me out he showed me that they wanted me to pay through zelle or cash app, if you research on those websites you cant get your money back, so if you want to pay through online I suggest you pay through pay pal where it is easier for them to get your money back and you wouldn’t have to worry as much. Also they wont update the puppies age past 10 weeks I have eyed their website for about a month and a half now and all of “puppies” wont go past 10 weeks. I couldn’t post a picture but as I look through others pictures I see the same exact email they sent me. I especially remember the phrase where he/she said ” I am so glad and excited that you promise to take care of my puppy and send me updates about the puppy”
One way to get them mad is to ask for multiple pictures of the same dog because they would have to get pictures from online and then from there you can tell its a different dog.

Troy – Jul 15, 2020

Is this page a scam?

Pamela – Aug 26, 2020

Yes it is . We have filed a police report

Molly – Jun 26, 2020

I emailed them about a Merle colored cane corso pup for $600. They sent me the same email that another breeder Jefferson Cane Corso has on their site. Word for word. Want you to pay to ship pup and use Zillow or Cash App and claim they are AKC registered but when I asked for the numbers stopped messaging me back. Total scam DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM

Charlotte – Jul 05, 2020

Hi ! Did you end up buying a pup from Jefferson cane Corso ? I’m interested but a little sketchy

Raquel – May 28, 2020

Victim Location 27406

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website offers cane Corso puppies then he ask for payment and after that he said he’s going to start the process with the airline company then they just keep asking for money because according to them they have some issues with the transportation of the puppy and they even ask you to purchase an insurance and a different crate. Jovial cane corso pups is one of their website and Trans Live Courier is the other one.

Renee – May 12, 2020

This was part of my experience, did not send any money, the only thing it told me it was from PA…
Re: Jovial Cane Corso Pups

[email protected]

May 10 at 10:00 PM

Zelle (Quick Pay) Payment address: [email protected]

Name : Yakam peter

Amount :$900

when making the payment simply put ‘ MY ANGEL’ as reason for payment or message.

Once you have Zelle payment sent, kindly send me a screenshot of payment receipt for confirmation okay. We shall proceed to have your puppy shipped and delivered to you once payment is confirmed

Frank – May 11, 2020

I contacted this person and the seemed legit at first but then they sent me pictures of the puppy I was to receive and the pictures they sent were of a different puppy. When I asked they simply said that was the same one. I also asked about the total price and they completely ignored my question.

Desiree – May 02, 2020

Scammer’s phone (978) 381-3705

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address Lawrenceville Georgia

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

ordered a puppy from this website……paid them 900 dollars for the puppy told me they would ship the dog out the next day…next day arrives they said I need to send them 1500 dollars for the insurance to ship him…sent the money through Zelle …couple hours later received a text saying the crate had broke needed more money…thats when I assumed something wasn’t right so went online and saw his email was a scam…now don’t know what to do and I’m out 2400 dollars

Ronald – Aug 26, 2020

File a police report and bring it to your bank to investigate and try to get the money back through the dispute Dept . Good luck

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