Jolie Maltese

Jolie Maltese Reviews, Check Jolie Maltese Scam or Legit
Erika –

Victim Location 44149

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I have been searching For two Maltese for our family & I found this website online & looked legit. I put my information in the contact for them to get back to me & received a text message from 1-443-203-8179. We went back and forth with messaging and I am so mad at myself for giving my name and address. I ask to speak to him & when I called he sounded shady. Spoke very softly and did not answer my questions in a tone of confidence and was very immediately alarming to me. Then he sends me the pictures that he already had online without video and nothing further. He tells me I can have the dogs in the next couple days and I Gould western union the money. I asked how I can verify his business & he tells me he is a Christian and would never Cheat someone especially Easter week as God as his witness. All of it was so alarming. The name he gave me to western union to was Peter Garcia which matched nothing to the website. I asked for his address in Atlanta & the home was not registered to anyone by that name. I’m so disappointed that this can continue & I definitely do not want anyone else to fall for it and send the money. Also the email that was sent to me was from [email protected] This obviously is a scam.

Russell –

Victim Location 38103

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Found online website when looking for Maltese dogs- came across I applied and immediately received a text message from a Maryland number starting I was also sent an email about dog I was interested in. Email was [email protected] In email states have been in business 15 years so why would email have 2018 in it? Was told puppy had health records and registration. Emails were very quick back and forth. Was asked to send money western union since credit card "gateway" was down. Seemed sketchy that grammar on website was decent but in emails they were MANY grammatical errors and word usage errors. In all emails there never was a name signed at end. On website in testimonials sections- at time would say "we enjoy our puppy from Jolie Maltese" and at times would say "we enjoy our puppy from "Paradise Maltese". Tried calling phone number and after one ring I heard "please state your name so google can connect your goal" phone rang for about 20 seconds then stated "google user cannot take your phone call right now leave a voicemail". Very sketchy to me. I believe this website/email address is used by a scammer.

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