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Carolyn –

Victim Location 65807

Type of a scam Employment

This guy offered me a “job as a ‘rep’ to contact the supplier through email to make orders for the materials requested for and also state the quantity that should be mailed to the agents address through post”. He stated that the company would send my salary and the money needed to buy supplies via postal mail. The pay is ridiculous high, $350 a week and I only had to work 2-3 hours max per week! And he got to me through my school’s job listing website! Luckily I thought this offer is too good to be true for an undergrad student who just graduated high school so I did some research and get myself out before it’s too late. What makes him sounds believable is the company that he claimed to work for is a legitimate company. He took his time with me and made it seems like a real job offer. Not only he contacted me through email, he also contacted me via text messages. I hope this will help someone.

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