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Sarah –

Victim Location 64106

Total money lost $1,250

Type of a scam Rental

-Initial inquiry email for apartment: 9/10/16

-Reply on 9/10/16 via email, then contacted via text message. Told to fill out Booking form and email to [email protected], address given as 110 Amity St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 was for rent.

– Money transferred $1000 on 9/11/16, then $250 on 9/12/16 to Bank of America Account under name Doreen Milette.

– On 9/12/16, my brother tried to visit unit, building address 114 Amity St and not 110 Amity St.

– Attempted to text to confirm address, no reply

– Called John, got google voice message, tried calling again

– John picked up, said the building is definitely 110, and can not understand why brother can’t find it.

– Attempted to conference call brother into conversation in order for John to give directions, John hung up.

– Attempted to call again, John said phone must have disconnected. Tried to conference again, and John hung up again.

-3rd time, placed my brother on hold and called John, when conferenced my brother into conversation, once John heard his voice, he hung up.

– My brother spoke with someone coming out of building that said the building used to be 110, and now is 114.

– On 9/13, asked for lawyer’s name multiple times and he refused to give it. I therefore made John aware that I will not be renting the unit. I spoke with Bank of America regarding the account and made a Suspicious Account report.

– 9/13 John asked how I would like my money refunded. I told him to refund it directly back into my account. He then attempted to try to get my account number. I told him the money can be transferred back directly or he can do online transaction via my phone number. He then said he needed to contact his lawyer to refund the money.

– 9/14 – He said he could not contact lawyer until later that day

– 9/15 – no response when trying to contact

– 9/16 – Responds via text message that his lawyer is out of town

– 9/19 – He found out i reported him to the bank, became very upset, tried to have me give him more money ($350). Said he will refund the money by the end of the week.

-9/22 – Reminded him money should be refunded by 9/23rd

– 9/23 – money not in account, texted again

– 9/24 – attempted to call. Phone number disconnected

– Spoke with Bank of America, I was told the bank spoke with someone related to the account and they closed the account on 9/15

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