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Jesse –

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email saying I got a job to be an hr assistant for a new company called jobs state employment ltd they sent me the job description telling me i could work online from home full time. I was already suspicious but doing a google search didn’t really give much information and the job seemed to good to be true. I went along with filling out their forms asking for my contact information and my preferred hours. They gave me the task of creating a job posting on indeed for holiday systems international using the email [email protected] I finished the task and asked about how i would be paid. "Julia" advised i’d be paid at the end of the 10 day training period through etransfer paypal and two other options which i thought was weird. Today they sent sent me a new task of watching a bitcoin video to get a better understanding. I knew once they asked for my banking info like which bank not like account number or anything like that but they asked how much is the maximum amount i cant withdraw from an atm. i purposely told them a low number, julia then advised me to call my bank and increase the limit to $3000-$5000. After i got that email I immediately stopped responding although the scammers are continuing to message. Also i spoke with one on the phone when we did a phone interview it was a male sounded East Asian in my opinion. They called from the same BC number I have already provided. ** * *** *** ** *** *** *** *** ** ***

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