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Jenny’s Boutique LOC Reviews, Check Jenny’s Boutique LOC Scam or Legit
Dana – Jan 31, 2021

Don’t know if this is the same Jennys Boutique. Claims to be in Mesa, AZ where I have never been. Apparently if this is the same business I was billed $ 149.11 for 3 blouses and a pair of jeans. Being a 75 year old man I have never been in one, nor do I need women’ The only thing I use my Capitol One card for is when I rent a video from Amazon prime over the last couple of years. Anyway these identity thief people managed to get my card info. And address and even phone number. Was told by the person who looked into my claim upheld the merchants bill, even though they tried using my Chase Visa account for the same amount about the same time.
Chase Visa sent me an immediant text asking if this was my purchase which I said no, and was rejected ( they seem to do a better job protecting their card holders). Bottom line they can go ahead and turn it over to collections as it will never be paid by me.

Cody – Aug 15, 2020

What a scam, I just wanted to know how much this scam costs and they charged my credit card

Jimmy – Jun 18, 2020

Victim Location 25177

Total money lost $101.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Yesterday my son sent me a link to what we thought was the NBA store online, it looks just like it, to buy jerseys online. I was surprised how cheap they were, and got kind of uneasy when it had a link to put in credit card information and if did not work to put it in again using a different button. I went ahead and ordered but I never got an email confirmation. So I went back in where it had me register all my information and under contact us there was just an email form, no number. When I clicked on returns it was just a description on how to wire them money. Shipping tab went to a description written in broken English how they are located out of country and use a different currency, so the order would take a while to ship. I searched the NBA store and saw the address was different. This address was

Which is different. I checked with my bank and it went though a company called Jenny’s Boutique LOC out of Arizona, which does not exist. The phone number listed is not a working number. The number listed is 602-641-2530

I contacted my bank and they said they could not stop payment on preauthorizations and I had to wait for it to go through. The bank is sending me a new debit card and is doing a Fraud investigation; however, they said if they cannot get the money back from the company I am just out of the $102 dollars. Since this company cannot be located I don’t know what to do to get my money back. IM

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