Janet Johnson

Janet Johnson Reviews, Check Janet Johnson Scam or Legit
Alana –

Victim Location 92021

Type of a scam Romance

This person contacted me claiming to be Janet Johnson on Instagram. I was suspicious from the beginning and they asked me to download WhatsApp to message me. All of the photos on the account were the same person but were all posted 2 days ago on 4/6/2018. The person asked me questions and when I asked them they either didn’t answer or had a grammatically incorrect answer. They asked multiple times what job I had, probably to ask for money but I am a student so I don’t have much. As it went on out of nowhere they sent a story about how they had just gotten back from "West Africa, Nigeria" to claim their father’s property. Most of the answers to my questions were "good" which added to my suspicion. I asked to prove it and send a stamp on the passport or an airline boarding pass and they sent a photo from google when you search passport and was just the cover. The moment I started to question them they said they weren’t here for crap and stopped talking to me.

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