iTech LLC Reviews - iTech LLC Scam or Legit

Francisco –

Victim Location 54014

Type of a scam Tech Support

Phone call was received from iTech, LLC. I was told I have a refund of $249.99 due from this company for services rendered in October 2017. I was given my computer number for which the service was provided, however I could not confirm the number because the computer stopped working in March of 2017. The caller sounded of foreign origin. He spoke too fast and when I became suspicious and began asking more questions, his voice became more urgent, and annoyed that I just wouldn’t agree to quickly giving him the information he needed to process the refund. After asking me if I remember purchasing the tech service for @249.99 in October of 2017 would I like to continue the refund process at this time? I was told he did not need my credit card information. I said then if I am do a refund, you can mail it to me. I was given a phone number to call him back in a couple of days after I had a chance to check out the company he was representing for credibility. I didn’t call him back.

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