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iTech Expert Reviews, Check iTech Expert Scam or Legit
Derrick –

Victim Location 79901

Type of a scam Tech Support

Indians pretending to be Microsoft Certified Technicians

Melanie –

Victim Location 53209

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Tech Support

On January 31,2018 I received a dialog message on my laptop stating if I don’t call the 1-877-220427 number listed my computer will be disable in 5 sec and no way will come back on until I contact them. So I when forth and gave them a call because I did not want my laptop to disable. I spoke with a guy who inform me that my computer was hacked by someone in Dayton, Ohio and in form me that I need to get some security protection added on to my computer. He stated he was going to install firewall security (3yrs) and Anti hacking Security (3yrs) al for 150 dollar for two devices. He proceed to ask for my card information which was denied the first time until my bank call me to approve it. I inform my bank to go forth with the transaction because I thought this was a legit. Unfortunately I had to continue to contact them because my computer would not come back on until I had to reset the whole computer removing everything from it. I called them and inform them I would like my money added back to my account some guy stated they was only technically support I had to speak with someone in billing still no one have reach back out to me regarding my refund.

Sophia –

Victim Location 77477

Total money lost $401

Type of a scam Tech Support

January 13, 2018- Malicious pop ups keep popping on my computer screen, and warning pornographic materials are being uploaded to my computer, and I should not shut down my computer, I have to call the Microsoft number on the screen immediately, so I called the number. A John Matt answered, "ITech Expert", and I asked "is this Microsoft?" and he said yes, and this was confirmed by Supervisor Abby later when they start selling me their internet security plan. They claimed iTech Expert is affiliated with Microsoft, insisted I have to buy the plan 5 year internet security plan at $400, because if I decline the virus in my computer will destroy my computer even the hard drive, so I agreed and I was directed to another guy to remove the viruses, then I was directed to Supervisor George that I have to pay another name of their company -PES*Any PC I told him I was not given the option to choose a shorter term like 1 year term, he said 1 year term is $300 so I agreed to purchase the $400 5 year plan. After the transaction, the malicious pop ups keep coming back, I called iTech Expert to fix it. The next day malicious pop ups keep coming, so I decided to call Microsoft directly to report iTech Expert, and Microsoft VEHEMENTLY DENIED ANY AFFILIATION WITH iTECH EXPERT. Meanwhile PES*Any PC already got paid with $401 not $400 and payment was converted faster than an ambulance to Renminbi. In the credit card statement, the address of PES*Any PC is in China, when they verified with me during the transaction that they are in New York. I feel that these 2 companies are in cahoots in sending out malicious pop ups, with Microsoft name and telephone number to call, deceiving customers that they are with Microsoft, and highly organized to get your money fast, convert the currency to Renminbi to prove it harder to get your refund, if you are lucky. These 2 companies are scammers.

Jordan –

Victim Location 32259

Total money lost $954

Type of a scam Tech Support

My laptop came up with a screen that warned me that my computer was locked and prompted me to call 888-653-0258 to unlock it. That brings me to iTech Expert who misled me to believe they were with or associated with Apple. They claimed I had been hacked and showed me a screen that he said showed hackers trying to access my IP address. He said they would unlock it for $954 for offer lifetime network security and support. In a panic, I allowed them access to my computer and they “fixed” and unlocked it. After speaking with my spouse, I realized I had been had. I called my internet service provider to confirm my I P address and found the address they showed me was not my IP address. Everything was fake. I called Apple and they said iTech Expert was not recommended by Apple. I called my credit card company and found the billing company was in China. I searched Google and found the company on the website. They also appeared on a blog on Malwarebytes Labs that listed companies blacklisted. This company is not reputable and should be shut down.

Samuel –

Total money lost $380

Type of a scam Tech Support

On Dec 22, 2017, a pop up came on my screen tellign me the Zeusi Virus and Call 1-855-526-4339. I was speaking with Johnny – ‘Microsoft Support – New York’. WArestee #PTS69P2002127031EF300 $299.99 to PES*ECOMERCTANPRODCT (overseas Payment)

Johnny 1st person / Mike IT person / Barbara (Floor Supervisor)

Plese see attached the email of the services along with the invoice.

Shaun –

Victim Location 62468

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

Hacked into computer advising of a virus and the advised the ONLY way to remove was to contact the provided number and pay them a ridiculous amount of money for virus clean and "protection" from future viruses.

Savannah –

Victim Location 38866

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a pop-up message saying that my personal information was at risk for being stolen–this tech support number popped up and I called. They took control of my screen and did a "scan" of my computer. Once I figured out it was a scam, I shut down my computer, hung up the phone, and reset my passwords. I received a blocked number phone call right after I hung up but I did not answer. I’m monitoring my accounts for any suspicious activity now. The given name over the phone was Victor.

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