Reviews - Scam or Legit

Brooke –

Victim Location 78262

Total money lost $39

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ple*se don’t purch*se *ny products from iSunsh* They don’t give * phone number for tech support only *n em*il *ddress. I purch*sed iTunes P*ssword for iM*c for $39.00. I h*d to remind them through sever*l em*ils to send the downlo*d link for their softw*re. The softw*re didn’t work *nd I em*iled *g*in only to receive broken English sentences th*t didn’t m*ke sense *t *ll. They would *sk for * cert*in file, but didn’t know the correct n*me or list the procedures for obt*ining it. It w*s frustr*ting. I found out l*ter their website is *ctu*lly loc*ted in CHINA. I’ve requested * refund..we’ll see how long th*t t*kes…I won’t hold my bre*th. Chinese *-***!!

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