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Meghan –

Victim Location 28227

Type of a scam Tech Support

I could not get to my email, forgot old password. Looked up on Safari for AOL phone number and ended up with this company Irvine Digital Media Pvt.Ltd. He said his name is Sam/Davis Brown/Charles Brown all involved, that my Microsoft computer had several problems discovered like Viruses and Hackers,Banking information at Risk,Risk of Identity,Passwords not secure and that he could fix all for $2,092.99 for lifetime membership.

So we did it, we have so many devices I agreed. Knowing ALL my devices were going to be protected! This transaction happen at 12:00 noon, he assured us that anytime we had problem to call 1-800-977-2190 for help. We turned on our computer at 2:00pm and it would not let us, so we called the number and he goes on tell us a Zeus Virus had attacked our computer. We told them how? You had just protected it from all that for $2,092.99! He goes to tell us that was for AOL/Microsoft and NOT the rest of the computer! For $1,999.99 he could fix because if we didn’t do right NOW the virus would take over immediately! We said NO! We already paid you 2K and didn’t have any more money!

If you refund our money, maybe. He said he couldn’t until we paid him first! He kept on badgering us and telling to believe him that he would not lie to us because he had us in tears with all this money we had to pay. We told him he was a scammer, he said he wasn’t and to trust him.He asked how old we were? Sounded like we were his mothers age and that he would’ve do that to his mom.

He went on to tell us to go to a Wal-Mart or gas station and purchase prepaid

Steam Cards, 4 cards at $500 each, could not be over the $500 amount cards. We have never heard of Steam cards! He kept on badgering us and screaming we have to do this quick or they are going to take over everything on your computer! That’s when we finally realized he was a scammer and hung up the phone! We quickly called our credit cards company and Bank to tell them to be on the look out for any fraudulent activity! PLEASE BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THESES SCAMMERS! It was the same day…so we were able to get our money refunded thank goodness!

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