IRS- Victor Martin Reviews - IRS- Victor Martin Scam or Legit

Bonnie –

Victim Location 50848

Type of a scam Tax Collection

This man named Victor Martin called saying I owed $7,958 to the IRS. He even knew my address. I could tell that this was not an American, as he had a deep Indian accent. Gave some crazy case number and told me I was going to be arrested, have my license taken away, my property taken and that IRS agents will be coming to my door to arrest me. I think he even told me I was going to get my car taken. I kept him on the phone long enough to see what I supposedly owed to the then I hung up on him.

The second thing that tipped me off to a scam is he kept calling me James Smith, which is not my name. I also know that this is not the way the IRS will go about collecting backed taxes.

The last thing that tipped me off was he thought I reported my taxes for 2017, and I don’t have my tax appointment until February 21, 2018. I haven’t even done my taxes yet this year.

I also talked to some coworkers about this, and I had another coworker who said they got a call about the exact same thing! Right down to the threats, and even the dollar amount.

I did not give the man time to tell me how I was supposed to pay for this as I hung up right after he gave me a dollar amount since it was bogus.

The number the scammer called me on was (315) 800-6259. I looked this number up on Google and found thousands of stories, with this exact phone number, that matched my experience almost exactly. This when I decided to file this report with the I wasn’t really sure who to contact about this, and I don’t think this scammer would distinguish between an individual or a business.

This kind of stuff is scary if I didn’t know any better, and I am tired of it.

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