Shanna –

Victim Location 49224

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Caller called a resident of an AFC home. Asked for banking info, SS number, address etc., the caller claimed the resident would receive a 100 dollar gift card if he paid 8.00. The person is developmentally disabled, not understanding he gave the person the info.

As an advocate for the resident I called the number. I asked for business name, the person would not give it to me until the third request. The person then stated I PRO, but the person was persistent to gain my name, I asked for the business ID three times the person responded they would mail It to me once I registered with them. The caller has a an accent. I stated if they did not provide the information then I was contacting the BBB. They again stated they would mail it after I registered. The resident only has a dollar in his account at this time, the account is being closed. The caller does have SS number.

I believe the person or company is soliciting vulnerable adults for banking and personal information.

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