Claire –

Victim Location 83704

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Clean website with lots of products, many obscure hobby stuff including the hard to find kit i was looking for at a fairly good price. No real contact information, but it seemed legit enough. The odd thing was they accepted paypal as well as entering your credit card information. I used paypal as worst case i would be out my money for 30+ days.

When i completed the transaction, the "account page" had no description of the actual product in the purchase history, just a notice of a charge. The same went with the paypal statement. The paypal statement, when updated for shipping, said "trucking" under shipping method with no tracking number.

At this point i immediately sent an inquiry to the email listed through paypal, after 2 days i opened a case with Paypal. The email user never responded my inquiry or the paypal inquiry and i got my money back through paypal. Lucky for me, but they easily could’ve taken somebodies credit card information.

In this day and age even if a website is well made, if it looks like a duck (too good of a price/ best price to be true) acts like a duck (no real contact info), talks like a duck (fb link leads just to facebook homepage not a business page), its probably a scamming duck trying to get your credit card information…

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