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Paul –

Victim Location 43532

Type of a scam Employment

I seen on the classifieds on facebook a job posting from an older gentleman Gary Tomasak. I messaged him on Facebook messenger and he had said something about I had to buy a $50 itunes card in order to get an interview. Well proceeding on I asked about pay and hours and what not, ignoring the fact that he said itunes card. My mistake. $20 an hour. I get a free Apple laptop and a check thats sent right after I go buy a $50 itunes card. So he gave me the email which was [email protected] and asked me to download Google hangouts so he could interview me. Said I had to wait 15 minutes in order for him to send the interview conversation over to his HR department so they could decide whether I was a good component to their business. I was "hired" yet he didnt tell me about him, what he did there, when asked for more information to protect myself from scam because buying an itunes card is a scam technique ive been trapped in before..he replied very aggressive and argumentative. Telling me he is just doing the job hes getting paid for. That he was the hiring manager and had been there for 2 years and was as scared as I am about starting it. I didnt think it was a real employment after that. He was rude and then sent me pictures of him and the company building located in another country. So I began googling. It was hard to suspect if he was being truthful or if it was false. Simply because he must have copied and pasted the info from the original site. He was acurate on the background of the company however he didnt act like a good hiring manager.. And he could barely spell correctly and he didnt use his punctuation correctly either. Which was a red flag. Businesses, especially that look successful want someone who can actually spell and punctuate to be a manager, dont you think? Anyways its still in my head that this is a scam the only way I knew is because he wants a $50 itunes card and wont put me in the database as an employee unless I send that. What’s a million dollar buisness want to do with an itunes card anyways? Hm….

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