INTFXHAIR Reviews - INTFXHAIR Scam or Legit

Meghan –

Victim Location 19320

Total money lost $186

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a trial of two products – capsules (nothing more than vitamins) and serum for $5.97 & 5.99. Received the products but they didn’t do what was advertised. A month later, another delivery of the two products. I didn’t order them. Called the company and was told that when I signed up, it was a monthly subscription that I would have to cancel. My problem was that I didn’t read the fine print in the terms and conditions very carefully. I did get into on how to return the package and after quite a few calls, it was received and cancelled. I noticed there were two charges on my credit card statement for 6/13 and 6/29, for the amounts of $92.97 & 92.99. When I called again, found out that since I didn’t return the trial products within 15 days, I was charged the full amount (the 5.97 & 5.99 were s/h charges!) I reread the Terms and Conditions, and could not find a definite description that stated "subscription" nor "returning the trial products." I am waiting for the refund of at least on of the $92.97 & $92.99…hopefully. I am now out close to $200 for a product that doesn’t work.

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