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Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I received a phone call from a young woman who insisted on speaking to my wife. I told her my wife was not available (she was asleep). The woman did not identify herself until I asked her to. She then said she is Catherine from International Travel. The call display, however, identifies the caller as V212134920000 (a numbered company?). The calling number (250-419-0703) is not in Canada 411. Are code 250 is one of three BC area codes, so I have assumed (correctly?) that the phone call was placed from a BC number.

“Catherine” launched into a sales pitch, though she insisted several times that I get my wife to join me on the phone (which I did not do). "Catherine" said we have won a stay (5 days?) in Orlando Florida. We would have to pay a registration fee of $297.00 US (each?). When I pressed her, she said we would also have to pay for air flights to Orlando (“but we can get the tickets at wholesale prices”). I repeatedly insisted that we could not afford this, but she continued notwithstanding. I eventually said “I’m not interested.” and hung up on her.

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