International Sweepstake Clearing House Reviews - International Sweepstake Clearing House Scam or Legit

Carlos –

Victim Location 79403

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I initially got a call from a man who identified himself at Peter Wilson from UPS (the call came in as UNKNOWN). He asked if I was home to sign for a delivery. I said no, I’m at work, and then he told me that they had mailed out a prize notification letter on Oct 25th that I was a 2nd Place Prize Winner. I asked for what, he then went on to say that I had entered into the Pulblisher’s Clearing House Sweekpstakes in 2016 and that I had been chosen for a prize and I needed to immediately call a manager. He then gave me the name Joe McMillan and the number to call. So I called and Joe McMillian identified himself as the Senior VP of International Sweepstake Clearing House in Washington and said that I had won 2nd prize in the monthly bonanza drawing in Texas and they had 7.5 Million dollars and a 2019 BMW to be delivered to me. I asked what address they had and he would not say. I told him I had recently moved and he said I need to call him as soon as I am home to receive delivery or the prize or it would be sent back to Washington to be scheduled for another time. I asked if this was a Scam and he said no, that they were listed with the BBB, Homeland Security, FTC and a lot of others entities that I didn’t have time to write down. I then told him I could be home in a couple of hours and that they should schedule delivery then. He then became very pressing about the delivery and insisted that I call him when I am home and then was very quick to get off the phone.

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