International financial corporation Reviews - International financial corporation Scam or Legit

Nicholas –

Victim Location 72712

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Government Grant

A guy by the name of David D. Wollins claims to give you $150, 000 if you apply for a grant. My classmate paid a delivery fee of $1000 and said to have got the money the next day. He now wants me to do this and it just doesn’t seem right to pay $1000 for a grant. I need this investigated. He claims the grant is for anyone. Everyone is a target. My old classmate is an older elderly man. I am only 23.

Kelli –

Victim Location 66209

Type of a scam Government Grant

Scammer used the name of a Facebook friend. Made me think it was my friend telling me how she just received a large sum of money to help with her finances tax free and no payback.She gave me a text number to locate an agent. I texted the number. At 2 in the morning I received a text asking me if I wanted to apply. I said no. They asked why because the money is free. I said I know who you are and stop texting me. They text me back and said what do you mean? I didn’t answer. The next morning there was another text showing a legitimate company called IFC on my phone. I don’t know how to get them to stop texting.

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